Multispectral (R, G, RE, NIR)

The principle of vegetation mapping with drone is based on the spectral signature of plants (colour).

Healthy plants absorb intense solar radiation in the Red region (energy source for the photosynthetic process), and reflect intensely in the region of Green (G) and Near Infrared (NIR).

The multispectral sensor, which captures high resolution and detailed images, can measure the amount of radiation absorbed / reflected in each region of the spectrum, thus allowing the quantification of the health of the vegetation and the density of chlorophyll.

This way, it is possible to correlate these values with a) the biomass, b) the leaf area, c) the presence of pests and diseases, d) vegetative vigor and e) water stress.

The multispectral sensor has 4 bands, plus the RGB sensor: Green, Red, Red Edge and Near Infrared.

Comportamento da luz ao longo do espectro

RGB (Red, Green, Blue)

Real colour (RGB)

Ortofoto cor real (RGB)

RE (Red Edge)

Captures the radiation in the region between Red and Infrared

Ortofoto Red Edge (RE)

NIR (Near Infrared)

Captures radiation in the Near Infrared Region

Ortofoto Infravermelho (NIR)

Vegetation Indexes (NDVI)

Vigour and water stress mapping

Mapa de vigor NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)