Terrain Modeling

From the GPS and the height sensor on board of the drone, it is possible to generate a cloud point (x, y, z) and the topography of the terrain. There are three main products extracted from the point cloud:

Orthophoto (GeoTIFF, JPG, JP2)

Ortofoto cor real (RGB)

The orthophoto is a georeferenced and orthorectified mosaic of all the aerial images.

The resolution can go up to 1-2 cm / pixel with fixed wing, and 1 cm / pixel with multi-rotor.

Digital Surface Model (GeoTIFF)

Modelo Digital de Superfície (TIFF)

The Digital Surface Model (DSM) is a raster image with height values of the terrain, vegetation, houses or any other objects present in the overflown area.

The DSM contains all the object's elevation, and is described with a colour gradient.

Digital Terrain Model (GeoTIFF)

Modelo Digital de Terreno (TIFF)

The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is obtained through an algorithm that selects and deletes elevated objects - i.e., that don't represent the elevation of the terrain.

After cleaning the point cloud, the DTM shows only the terrain, without houses, trees or other objects.

After the DTM is processed, we can generate the contours, slopes, shade and solar radiation map.