Topographic survey

The aerial topographic survey starts with the captured images and a stereo-photogrammetric process, where the point cloud is generated with the terrain heights (x, y, z). From this data, it is possible to process the orthophoto, calculate volumes, measure areas and distances, process contour lines with terrain altimetry, as well as slopes, hydrography, aspect and / or incident solar radiation.

Also, it is possible to use the orthophoto to identify land use (vegetation, water lines, edifices, electricity grid or others).

All surveys are performed using GPS control points to ensure a vertical accuracy of 2 to 15 cm. The data is delivered in CAD, GIS or other environments (TXT, LAS, CSV, among others).

RGB Orthophoto

Resolution of 2-3 cm / píxel

Ortofoto de cor real (RGB)

Aerial survey

Drone topographic survey (contour lines)

Desenho CAD (DWG ou DXF)

Point cloud (x, y, z)

Horizontal and vertical coordinates (TXT, LAS, CSV)

Nuvem de pontos (x, y, z)

Land use / Areas / Distances

Object identification and measurements

Planimetria (SHP ou CAD)